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    How old do you need to be?

    For making the reservation and to also operate the machine, you must be 21 or older. There is no age limit to being a non-driving participant, but all participants must be at least 46″ tall to ride.

    To operate UTV’s you must have been born BEFORE January 1st, 1988 OR you have completed the Wisconsin ATV safety course through the DNR.

    To operate snowmobiles, you must have been born BEFORE January 1st, 1985 OR you have completed the Wisconsin Snowmobile safety course through the DNR.

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    What types of machines do you rent?

    UTV’s – (Standard) – Kawasaki Teryx 800 – 2 and 4 seaters. (Performance) – Can-Am Maverick Sport RC 1000 – 2 seaters

    Snowmobiles – Mixture of 2 and 4 stroke Ski-Doos. 2-up conversions are available.

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    Does someone go over the machines with us?

    Yes! Before each renter takes off, we will go through a checklist of safety measures and how to operate the machine amongst other things. We also have large lots at both locations. So if you need to cruise around a little bit before hitting the trails, you absolutely can!

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    Do I need to put fuel in the machine?

    Yes, all of our machines leave full and come back full. Please top your machine off with 91 Octane before your scheduled drop off time.

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    Are Walk-ins allowed?

    Yes, we will always try and accommodate walk-ins! BUT, we always recommend booking in advanced to make sure we have machines and staff available for the location you’re trying to rent from.

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    Do I need a helmet?

    For UTV’s – anyone under the age of 18, helmets are required. Over the age of 18, they are not required. Helmets and goggles are included with your rental.

    For snowmobiles – helmets are required for all participants. Full helmets with shields are included with your rental. You are also more than welcome to bring your own (for both UTV and snowmobile).

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    In the case of bad weather, how is that handled?

    The weather in the northland is pretty unpredictable. So we typically wait until the day before or even the morning of before we make weather related cancellations. If the weather is bad enough, we either will cancel your reservation with a 100% refund or switch your reservation to a different date if that works out. Either way, you will not be out your money because of a blizzard or thunderstorm.

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    What happens if something goes wrong with the machine?

    This can be played out quite a few different ways depending on the scenario. So here are a few examples. If you get a flat tire on the trail, we will load up a spare tire and wheel and meet you on the trail and swap it out as fast as we can and get you on your way. If a drive belt blows, we will meet you on the trail with a new machine (depending on availability) and swap machines and get you going. If there is an accident (with no injuries), generally the involved parties would be picked and brought back to the shop. (Charges may apply depending on the situation)

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    Do I need to be experienced to rent from you?

    For snowmobiles, we do suggest that you have some experience before renting. Operating a snowmobile is a quite a bit different than anything else you can drive. Usually it is not the best to have your first experience to be on a rented machine with a time limit.

    For UTV’s, we’ve had many renters go out for their first time! The great thing about a UTV, it’s more like driving a car than it is an ATV (four-wheeler). As long as you don’t try and outride your abilities and take it easy, you shouldn’t have any issues.

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    Can I have my machine delivered to where I'm staying?

    We always try to accommodate deliveries/pickups for a fee. This usually depends on staff availability and where you’re staying. Best bet is to give us a call and we’ll discuss this over the phone. When booking your lodging, you’ll want to make sure that you can legally drive the machine from your location to the trail.

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    Do you provide directions on where to go?

    Yes! Most people don’t have a specific destination in mind and they are more looking for a great experience. So we typically will see what type of experience you’re looking for and point you in a great direction! Plus, we have our “Suggested Routes” linked up with the Polaris Ride Command App (google maps but for the trails) to make it even easier for you to not have to worry about where to go.